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2019 N.C.C.A. Conference

The Triangle

October 18th - 19th, 2019

Ministry Spotlight Tables

The Kimble’s, Dr. TJ and Liz

The Kimble’s, Dr. TJ and Liz are dedicated to creating Transformational Family Systems of Care experiences capable of meeting families where they are, so whether they are facing disabilities or traumatic life issues there is a place that provides hope and empowers them to live beyond challenging life issues. When you visit us at our Joshua’s Java House or connect with us in community be prepared to encounter a Christ-centered, family driven model of care that empathically engages families in a community context that is without walls.

We believe our transformational family care approach places focus back on families and gives them meaningful experiences safe environments that naturally contextualizes Christ, the Gospel and discipleship within the everyday context of our neighborhoods.

As we continue to develop and implement our Family Systems of Care, more families will be encouraged to experience the transformations and will be moved toward Christ-centered community connections that not only empower them to live beyond disabilities and traumatic life issues, but engages them in a biblical New Testament Community Church model of discipleship and follow Christ that’s truly incarnational.

Dr. Nathaniel Anthony

This manuscript is a work of biblical studies that uses common narratives and teachings from the bible to show that the trials and relationship dynamics that biblical figures faced are the same challenges that we face emotionally and relationally today as Christians and humans. Dr. Anthony has structured his book around a beautiful sentiment, and one that is extremely helpful in biblical counseling: we are all human, and we all face the same trials and struggles emotionally and in relationship with one another. This helps bridge the gap between the biblical text and readers' modern experiences of life, showing how we can learn more about ourselves as humans and give one another grace practically through studying the word. Dr. Anthony has organized his book skillfully, taking the reader through the natural progression of the biblical text with each story, beginning with the Garden of Eden in Genesis and working his way progressively through the rest of the Old Testament and into the New Testament in the remaining chapters. This organization will be extremely helpful for readers, as it will come in a familiar order.

Conference Location

Embassy Suites by Hilton Raleigh Durham Research Triangle

Located at 201 Harrison Oaks Boulevard, Cary, North Carolina, 27513

Please join us in Raleigh, North Carolina on October 18th and 19th, 2019. This newly renovated hotel will provide us with a great place to relax, learn and fellowship. We can't wait to see you there!

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